Exhibition / 海外展示
■ Metaverse solo exhibition

Theme:HAJIMARI - Kanji Gallery
Date:March 2023
Place : Metaverse , Spatial

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About Yukari Tsubaki

About Yukari Tsubaki / 椿紫について
I am a self-taught calligrapher who started my career in 2010.
I strive to create an elegant beauty that stimulates the senses with my viewers.
I am strongly committed to conveying ”this beauty” that is unique to Japan. See More >>

2010年から書家を始め、神戸や京都のArt Fairやホテル・空港での展示実績を積む。
上品な美表現と独創性が評価され、多くの海外の方々や会社経営者の方々にも作品をご購入頂いている。詳しく見る >>

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Chinese zodiac 2023

Cat smile 微笑む猫

道 MICHI The path

照TERASU illuminate

神 KAMI God

風 KAZE The wind

和 WA Harmony

花 HANA - Flower

瀧 TAKI - Waterfall


There is a limit to the world that can be created by yourself.
Someone's weakness is my strong point, and someone's strong point is my weakness.

Multiplication of many ideas creates something beyond imagination and will be a force that will greatly change the world.

More "beauty" and "impression" in this beautiful world.

What I can do is to sincerely pursue and create the beauty of art and Japanese calligraphy.

I hope my technique will help and heal someone.
To people all over the world who will work with me from now on.

My works