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Yukari Tsubaki's VR exhibitions / Metaverse exhibitons Exhibition information.

Schedule|VR exhibitions / Metaverse exhibitons

In 2023, I will decide the theme every month and announce the exhibition.

Japanese Art Exhibition


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HAJIMARI - Kanji Gallery

March 2023

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About Love
- Japanese Zen calligraphy

February 2023

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VR exhibitions / Metaverse exhibitons - NFT

What is VR exhibitions?

Exhibitions featuring artworks in virtual spaces are known as Virtual Reality exhibitions. These exhibitions are produced by capturing high-quality scans or photographs of physical art pieces and curating them in a virtual space using the VR-All-Art web editor.

What does the metaverse mean for art?

The metaverse, a digital realm that blends virtual and physical realities, is revolutionizing art, gaming, and commerce. With the emergence of new platforms, the possibilities for augmented, virtual, and mixed reality technologies are endless, offering a vast array of novel experiences.

Advantages of VR exhibitions/Metaverse exhibitons

You can experience the art gallery from home, whenever you like. You can be accessed from a PC, smartphone, or VR headset.

Exhibited works can be purchased with NFT

All the works on display can be purchased at Opensea's NFT. Please purchase the work you want.