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In addition to traditional calligraphic works, I have created many delicate and innovative contemporary artworks that express “the beauty of abstract and delicate handwriting” in conjunction with “scenes and changes in human emotions”.

I strive to create an elegant beauty that stimulates the senses with my viewers.
I am strongly committed to conveying ”this beauty” that is unique to Japan.

There is a limit to the world that can be created by yourself.
Someone's weakness is my strong point, and someone's strong point is my weakness.

Multiplication of many ideas creates something beyond imagination and will be a force that will greatly change the world.

More "beauty" and "impression" in this beautiful world.

What I can do is to sincerely pursue and create the beauty of art and Japanese calligraphy.

I hope my technique will help and heal someone.
To people all over the world who will work with me from now on.

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書道家/書家・水墨画家 椿 紫( つばき ゆかり )

伝統的な書作品のみならず、「抽象的かつ繊細な筆跡の美しさ」を「情景や人間の 心情変化」と連動させて表現する繊細かつ斬新な現代美術を多く創り出している。



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